2018 AAGA Mens Championship Qualifier

Friday, July 27th at Heather Hill Country Club

7:00am Start

All play was in threesomes to speed up play.

101 competed

David YurekDavid Yurek Tops All Golfers
With 1-under par round of 70

The day started out foggy and hazy, but by 9 am the sun had slowly started to melt the fog, and oppressive humidity and heat dominated the rest of the day.

All three 18-hole layouts at Heather Hill Country Club proved intimidating as hard, unyielding fairways funnelled shots not perfectly struck into rough, stone outcroppings and tree roots. Many players left the driver in the bag as keeping the ball in play proved the best strategy of the day.

The AAGA plan to play in threesomes proved a real time saver as pace of play for 18 holes ran just 4.5 hours - much better than the 5.5 to 6 hour rounds experienced in the past. The three course venue provided a great test that proved satisfying to all of the players.

Heather Hill North-Middle

David Yurek topped all scorers with a medlaist round of 70 on the Heather Hill North-Middle course with 6 birdies on his card and a front 9 score of 33. His nearest competitors on the North-Middle course were runner ups, Brian Brigham and Joseph Oram Sr, - both with 77s.

Heather Hill Middle-South

Cam Moniz had the low round of the day on the Middle-South course with a 1 over par round of 71. Runner up was Tyler Sinacola with 72.

Heather Hill South-North

Evan DeanEvan Dean had the low round on the South-North course with a 4 over par round of 75 followed by Eric Hunt's 76.

Fifty-four qualifiers in all from the three courses advance to the AAGA City Open that begins on Thursday, August 16th at Foxborough Country Club.

2018 AAGA City Open Qualifiers

Qualified at Heather Hill CC North-Middle Course

  Name Score
David Yurek 70
Brian Brigham 77
Joseph Sr Oram 77
Gregory Wiens 78
Jon Anzlovar 78
Robert Arnold 78
Jim Devlin 78
Curtis McNeil 79
Anthony Duva 79
Ryan McGovern 79
Keith Nalbach 79
Kyle Potter 79
Richard Ringler 79
Nicholas Duva 80
Dennis McGovern 80
Jack Buchan 81
Scott Coleman 81
Lourenco DaSilva 81
Dan DelSignore 81


Qualified at Heather Hill CC Middle-South Course

  Name Score
Cam Moniz 71
Tyler Sinacola 72
Grant Certuse 74
Nicholas Cruise 74
Paul White 76
Brett Davison 77
Chris Hanson 77
Liam Costello 78
Kevin Foley 78
Joseph Jr Oram 78
Michael Miller 79
Peter Gordon 80
Larry Kissell 80
Jamie Regan 80
David Carchedi 81
Kevin Brady 82
Glenn Mattos 82
Tim Murphy 82
Jeremiah Sullivan 82


Qualified at Heather Hill CC South-North Course

  Name Score
Evan Dean 75
Eric Hunt 76
Todd Barbato 78
Mark Troiano 79
Chad Bearce 79
Adam Lareau 79
Garrett Loomer 79
Connor McLaughlin 79
Michael Philipp 79
Scott Shepherd 79
Tim Willwerth 80
Jay Merry 80
Jay Sapovits 80
Kory Chapman 81
Dave Morrill 81
Ross Salotto 81


Congratulations Click here for a City Open Entry Form.

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Did Not Qualify for the City Open

Must qualify in 2019


Heather Hill CC North-Middle Course

  Name Score
John Veno 82
Nicholas Calderone 82
Liam Timmons 84
Scott King 85
Anthony Manganaro 85
Devin Payson 85
Mike Bickford 86
Jim Graham 88
Mitch Foster 90
Drew Payson 90
Greg Corbett 91
Paul Harris 91
Dave Pierce 93
Scot Page 95


Heather Hill CC Middle-South Course

  Name Score
Corey Stalters 83
Jordan Weygand 84
Chris Bickford 84
Bill Jr. Copley 84
Mike Farrell 84
Bob Gomes 84
Jason See 84
Shawn Cunningham 86
Ethan Johnson 87
Kevin Dittmeier 88
Parker Silva 88
Aaron Poillucci 90
Steve Pomfred 92
Gregory Valade 94
Lawrence Walden 97
Vjay Chetty 98
Hilmy Ismail 99


Heather Hill CC South-North Course

  Name Score
Amos Cruz 84
Michael Nyhan 84
Brian Poillucci 84
Mark Raposa 84
Michael Adams 85
Marcus Costa 86
Christopher Tibbetts 87
Beau Jacques 88
Mercado Santos 89
Paul Balzarini 90
Kevin Candelet 90
Kyle Rivet 90
Dylan Sulham 91
Justin McGowan 92
Elias Chahwan 100
Geno Leco 102


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