2017 AAGA Senior Championship

June 12th, Chemawa Golf Course


2017 Senior Championship Results

Heat and Humidity Wilts Seniors at Chemawa GC

The temperature had soared to 96 degrees, humidity was oppressive, but by 12:30pm 101 seniors finished the 2017 AAGA Senior Championships. Players, ranging in age from 50 to 89, started at 8am, competing in 29 groups.

Chemawa was in superb condition, and course managers: Glen Bourque and Linda Faria had the course setup perfectly for the day.
Kudos to them both, their greens' crew and owner, David Bourque.


Low Gross and Net Winners

Dave Turgeon won the low gross score for the day, with an even par score of 69. Bill White and Roger Bousquet shared second place honors at 1-over-par 70.

Mark Mesmer won the overall low net score for the day, with an 8-under-par score of 61. Don Pelletier, Roger Bousquet and Tom Yontz tied for second place with 5-under-par rounds of 64.

Top-Ten Low Gross Scores

  Age Player Score
Dave Turgeon 69
Bill White 70
Roger Bousquet 70
Jay Poirier 71
Gary Delude 71
Mark Mesmer 71
James Adams 71
Pete Fontaine 72
Derek Johnson 73
Dan DeYesso 73


Top-Ten Low Net Scores

  Age Player Score
Jay Poirier
Pete Fontaine
Brian Kidder
Bill McMorrow
Bob Scott
John Peipock
Tom Yontz
Daniel Jones
Kevin Browne
Gary Delude
Peter Germani
Eric Schoonmaker
Neil Summerfeld
Paul Callahan


2017 AAGA Senior Championships - Low Net Scores by Age Groups

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