AAGA Senior Open2022 AAGA Senior Championship

Monday, June 6 at Chemawa Golf Course


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Scores by Age Group

Scoring Highlights

The Low Net, 2022 AAGA Senior Championship


Derek Barber

Derek Barber wins the 2022 AAGA Senior Championship with a 3-under-par net score of 66. Runnerup for the the net championship went to Bobby Ford with a net round of 67, and Mark Willwerth took third with a net 69.

The Low Gross, 2022 AAGA Senior Championship


Christopher Kalberg

Dave Turgeon

Christopher Kalberg and Dave Turgeon tied for low gross honors with even par rounds of 69. Chris won 1st place after a card-off.

The 50-59 age group


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Derek Barber


Sean Green

Derek Barber won low net for the 50-59 year old age group with 66. Bobby Ford had 67 and Sean Green finished third with a net 70.

The 60-69 age group

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Peter Gay

Joe Martin

Neil Summerfiled

Peter Gay of North TV won the 60-69 year old group with a 1-over-par round of 70. Joe Martin had a fine 71, and third place went to Neil Summerfiled who won in a card off against Paul Oliveira, Brian Kidder and Michael Marchitto Jr. All had net 73s.

The 70-79 age group

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Bobby Ford

Mark Willwerth

Bob Palos

Bobby Ford won the 70-79 year old age group with 67. Mark Willwerth finished second with a 69, and Bob Palos finished third, after a card off with Kenneth Reynolds. They both had 73.

The 80-89 age group

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David May

Jim Carroll

Peter Murray

David May won the 80-89 year old age group with a net 75. Jim Carroll was second with a 76, and Peter Murray finished third with 77. John Dentremont and Jerry Maguire also had 77s but lost to Peter in a card off.

The 90 and over age group

Mike Cosentino

Mike Cosentino won yet another AAGA Senior Championship 90+ division - winning with a solid gross score of 87, six shots less than his 93-year-old age. His net score was 85.

Top-Ten Low Gross Scores

  Age Player Score
64 Dave Turgeon 69
50 Chris Kalberg 69
51 Derek Barber 70
64 Brian Kidder 72
57 Bill White 73
63 Bruce Snyder 73
62 Ken Allen 73
58 Paul White 75
57 Jeffrey Horn 75
55 Sean Green 75
70 Bill Gaskin 75
50 Jim Dickinson 75
64 Dan DeYesso 75


Top-Ten Low Net Scores

  Age Player Score
51 Derek Barber 66
79 Bob Ford 67
73 Mark Willwerth 69
63 Peter Gay 70
55 Sean Green 70
64 Dave Turgeon 71
69 Joe Martin 71
50 Chris Kalberg 72
68 Paul Oliveira 73
74 Bob Palos 73
79 Kenneth Reynolds 73
57 Eric Schoonmaker 73
67 Neil Summerfeld 73
57 Jeffrey Horn 73
64 Brian Kidder 73
64 Michael Marchitto 73