AAGA Legacy Fund

The jewel of the AAGA tournament annual cycle, the City Open, has been sponsored and run by the AAGA Committee for 60 years and counting.

During that time, we have strived to create the best run and best appreciated golf experience available for those wishing to play in the Attleboro Area Golf Association's Men's Championship.

Through the years, the City Open has become a right of passage for young and old golfers alike. It is an annual gathering of the best of the best. From the qualifying round through the actual four-day tournament, the atmosphere is filled with pride in one's accomplishment and dreams of standout golf.

Anyone who has played in the City Open has a special memory associated with it which has followed them throughout their life.

Our AAGA Legacy Fund will insure that those memories keep getting created, and that the future of the City Open is bright.

The AAGA means a lot to a lot of golfers.
Can you give from your heart to our Legacy Fund?

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Fund Uses

  • Maintain affordable entry fees to all AAGA events
  • Increase Student Scholarships
  • Expand Junior Programs
  • Increase Tournament Prizes
  • Expand Tournament Schedule
  • Provide funds for securing the future of the AAGA

How You Can Donate

*Give $100 or more to be included on our Patron Page on AAGAGolf.com.