2018 AAGA Senior Two Ball Championship Pairings

Monday, September 24th at Chemawa Golf Club

8:30am Shotgun Start

All players should be checked in by 8:00am for the 8:30am start.


Hole AAGA 2018 Senior Two Ball Paiirings
10A Sean Green - Rit Bouchard
Carl Giesel - Mike Raposa
10B Bob Gay - Steve Nelson
Paul Brenneman - Mark Willwerth
11A Dave Weeman - Ken Allen
Bob Palos - Jack Fitzgibbons
11B Robert Jarchow - Lloyd Pickett
Daniel DeYesso - Roger Bousquet
12 Joe Martin - Peter Murray
Pete Fontaine - Rich LeCompte
13A Trip Richardson - JR Richardson
Ron Hamel - Bruce Snyder
13B Kevin Phipps - Jack Janick
Brian Drought - Joe Collins
14 Jim Keenan - Randy Ordway
Peter Germani - Rocky Kujala
15 Joe Mier - Chris Outrchconis
David Bears - George Hartvig
16A Peter Gay - Dave Grimes
Donald Macintyre - Robert Ford
16B Dave Weisman - Scott Santosuosso
Neil Summerfield - Mark Klosek
17A William McGillis - Kevin Foley
Richard Ringler - Richard Manburg
17B Bill Gaskin - Robert Arnold
Bob Beach - Paul Oliviera
18A Scott King - Ned Sweeney
Bill White - Dave Turgeon
18B John Nigro - Dick Zaccaro
Dan Dees - Chuck Flickinger

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