AAGA Senior Open2018 AAGA Senior Championship

Monday, June 11th at Chemawa Golf Course

110 old friends came together today under partly sunny skies, and pleasant temperatures. Attleboro area, senior golfers toured the manicured Chemawa Golf Course which showed slick greens and lush fairways, and a competitive test for all ages. A tip of the hat to the superintendant, Curtis Liston, and his green's staff. As always, the Chemawa management team of Glen Bourque and Linda Faria laid out the course and clubhouse in a very welcoming atmosphere. It is their attention to detail that makes this event such a great experience for all.



Scoring Highlights

Peter RoqueMedalist winner, Peter Roque

2018 Senior Championship Results

Scores by Age Group Here

Complete 2018 AAGA Senior Championships Scores Here

Top-Ten Low Gross Scores

  Age Player Score
59 Peter Roque 71
60 Dan DeYesso 71
59 Jack Soccoroso 74
52 Bill White 74
54 Anthony Duva 74
57 Gary Delude 75
61 Daniel Jones 75
53 Scott King 75
51 Sean Green 76
60 Brian Kidder 77


Top-Ten Low Net Scores

  Age Player Score
74 Dan Dees 63
59 Peter Roque 64
57 Mike Stec 64
60 Dan DeYesso 64
69 Rich LeCompte 65
70 Bob Palos 66
71 Tom Burke 66
61 Mark Normand 67
61 Steve Cabral 67
64 Jack Fitzgibbons 67


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