AAGA Senior Open2020 AAGA Senior Championship

Friday, September 11th at Chemawa Golf Course

Senior Open Trophy

Finally, the AAGA Senior Championships are Played

With covid-19, State and MGA guidelines, and/or rules in place; Senior players assembled on their respective shotgun tees where the AAGA had left player packets with information, rules and scorecards. From parking lot to golf cart to tee, all were ready for the sound of the shotgun at 8am.

It was cool and overcast with the humidity declining, the wind freshening as 87 players started their rounds.

Clubhouse was closed.


Here Are Some Scoring Highlights

Jerry KatesThe low net, 2020 AAGA Senior Championship goes to Jerry Kates with a 1-under-par round of 68.




Bill WhiteBill White was low medalist with a gross score of 2-under-par, 67.




Lawrence WaldenThe 50-59 age group low net honors went to Lawrence Walden and Pat O'Hara who both shot 1-over-par rounds of 70.

Lawrence Walden pictured.


The 60-69 age group low net honors went to Jerry Kates with a 1-under-par round of 68. Joe Martin shot 69 and Dan DeYesso shot 71 net.

Joe Martin
Dan DeYesso
Joe Martin
Dan DeYesso

The 70-79 age group low net honors went to Henry Metcalf with a 1-over-par round of 70. Mark Willwerth had a 3-over-par round of 72 for second place.



Ted SoukatosThe 80-89 age group low net honors went to Ted Soukatos with a even-par 69. In a rare occurrence, he also shot under his age of 81 with a gross score of 77.



Mike ConsentinoAnd, the 90 and over age group low net honors went to Mike Consentino with a 9-over-par, 78; and a gross score of 80 – 11 under his 91-year-old age



Senior Open Logo2020 Senior Championship Scoreboard

Scores by Age Group


Hole by Hole Scores to come

Top-Ten Low Gross Scores

  Age Player Score
54 Bill White 67
62 Dave Turgeon 68
56 Roger Bousquet 70
62 Dan DeYesso 71
55 Pat O'Hara 72
60 Bert Bouley 73
62 Brian Kidder 73
62 Joseph Sr Oram 74
60 Ken Allen 74
51 David Yurek 75
50 Todd Barbato 75
72 Bob Beach 75
60 Mark Grant 75


Top-Ten Low Net Scores

  Age Player Score
65 Jerry Kates 68
67 Joe Martin 69
81 Ted Soukatos 69
73 Henry Metcalf 70
55 Pat O'Hara 70
51 Lawrence Walden 70
56 Roger Bousquet 71
62 Dan DeYesso 71
65 Edward Sweeney 72
53 Bryan Sweeney 72
54 Bill White 72
71 Mark Willwerth 72


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